How to become a high productivity business

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Technology, communication and a strong and inclusive culture all play a role in helping to solve the productivity puzzle. That is as long as they are used the right way, says Natasha Wallace, international people partner at ClickUp, talking to The People Space’s editorial director Siân Harrington

Productivity growth has slowed down in many economies since the global financial crisis of 2008. Despite advances in technology and investment in workforce training and development, productivity growth has remained low, puzzling economists and policymakers. Wages are stagnant or declining.

The exact causes of this productivity slowdown are not well understood, and there is ongoing debate among experts about the various factors that may be contributing to it. But, says Natasha Wallace, business leaders can take steps to improve productivity with the right technology, resources and training.

In this video Natasha, international people partner at productivity technology providerClickUp, highlights that output/results and trust are more important than the number of hours spent at work and that there is a disconnect between employees' and managers' perceptions of productivity.

She discusses how new ways of working, such as the four-day work week, show promise in improving productivity, but implementation success depends on the industry. Plus Natasha examines new research which shows the differences between highly productive and low productive organisations and warns against intrusive employee monitoring. She notes the difference between monitoring and measuring.

“Productivity monitoring is using systems and tools to check on employees to ensure that they're not slacking off, for example. And this surveillance is really demotivating,” she says. “By contrast, productivity measurement is a practice that's rooted in  transparency and fairness and trust. And this really empowers teams and leads to the best results.”

About Natasha Wallace

Natasha Wallace is the international people partner at ClickUp, where she manages HR, benefits, employee development and more. She joined the ClickUp team to do what she does best—making sure people feel valued and supported in their roles and driving business initiatives. As a seasoned professional with over 8 years of experience working with global technology companies, Natasha has spent time honing her skills in many areas of HR, including employee development, performance management, organisational design, and well-being at work. With an LLB Law degree specialising in employment and discrimination law, and a post-grad certificate in International Law, Natasha decided to bring her legal know-how to the world of HR, where she could use her expertise to help companies build a people-focused strategy.

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Published 10 May 2023
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