About ThePeopleSpace

For leaders. By leaders

ThePeopleSpace ™ shares high-quality experience, both for professional development of individuals and for advancement in how people and organisations create value in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We provide quality, lifelong learning in an age of information overload by curating content based on our members’ experiences and needs, and through testing concepts with them. We facilitate the sharing of knowledge through co-creating content with members and partners. 

Our vision is to be the leadership community that advances and promotes excellence in value creation through people. 

In today’s age of information overload, automation, digital transformation and disruptive change to skills and job roles, investing in continuous learning is critical to the success of organisations. As the pace and scale of change accelerates, leaders need to invest in their own development just as much as in that of their employees.

ThePeopleSpace delivers learning in two ways:

1. Macro-learning through its membership-based learning and development network PeopleSpaceLeaders, providing leaders who create value through people with a secure and vetted environment in which to share real-life challenges and be challenged, learn from peers and authoritative experts, collaborate and co-create a member-centric learning experience and access conceptual and practical learning wherever they are and whenever they want through secure, digital platforms

2. Micro-learning through its open access website ThePeopleSpace which distils this peer and expert information into bite-sized, shareable content that can be consumed in 10 minutes or less and which helps to fulfil ThePeopleSpace’s wider Purpose of 'Empowering people leaders everywhere to stay one step ahead in a fast-paced, digitally disruptive world'.

Our audience

  • Believes in the potential of people to positively transform business and society
  • Wants to increase their organisation’s value, reputation and health
  • Has a positive mindset, is collaborative and wants to co-create
  • Is happy to share experiences and expertise
  • Can be from any sector or any function
  • Wants to push people leadership practice forward

ThePeopleSpace comprises a private membership group, PS Leaders, and the website www.thepeoplespace.com. The website contains multimedia content based around practical experiences and case studies; critical thinking, ideas, smart insights and opinion from experts plus the unique perspectives of our brand partners.

What are we interested in?

  • CEO, board and leadership insights
  • Driving innovation and financial performance
  • Digital transformation/business models
  • AI, robotics and technology/human interface
  • Demographics/ globalisation/macro issues
  • Productivity, performance and innovation
  • Evidence and practice
  • People analytics
  • Culture and purpose
  • Talent, recruitment and retention
  • Organisation effectiveness/design
  • Behaviours
  • Employee experience/engagement
  • Learning
  • Wellbeing
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Inclusive capitalism
  • Governance/risk
  • Becoming a non-executive director
  • Personal development
  • The ‘human face’ of leaders

Who are we?
ThePeopleSpace is brought to you by Siân Harrington, an award-winning business journalist, publisher and company director who ran HR magazine, and Nigel Pritchard, a marketing and communications specialist who has worked with both large organisations and entrepreneurs. Together they firmly believe that a positive and productive work culture is beneficial to the individual, organisation, wider economy and society, and are enthusiastic about the positive impact good people leaders can make to business and humanity.