Siân and Nigel are on a mission to make HR and people leaders excited, positive and inspired by the changes taking place in work.

Having been lucky enough to meet and interview some of the world’s leading business people in her decades as an award-winning business journalist, editor and company director, most recently at HR magazine, Siân quit the frustrating corporate world in 2016 to focus on her dream of sharing the lessons, insights and positive impact inspiring HR and people leaders can make to business and humanity in the Fourth Industrial age.

As someone who has worked in both large and small media organisations during hugely transformative times, her experience has clearly testified to the pivotal role good people practice and continual learning plays in successful and sustainable organisations.

Nigel, a marketing and communications specialist, left marketing agency work some 24 years ago to ‘go it alone’. As such he has faced all the trials and tribulations of being a small business owner, experience he has brought to The People Space.

An early adopter of digital marketing, Nigel has worked with both entrepreneurs and large organisations to help shape and deliver communication strategies. Not one to sit still, he has taught himself new technologies to stay abreast of trends and it’s not uncommon for him to be grilling his three children to see what social tools they are using!

Together Siân and Nigel firmly believe that a positive and productive work culture is beneficial to the individual, organisation, wider economy and society. During their respective careers they have both enjoyed collaborative working and facilitating introductions through their networks. Their love of bringing people together in communities to learn from each other is the inspiration behind ThePeopleSpace and People Space Leaders Academy.


The People Space is a digital content curator and creator for HR and people leaders.

We focus on value creation through people in the digital and Fourth Industrial era and providing insights and learning through ThePeopleSpace online magazine and the People Space Leaders Academy for people and HR leaders designed to help them better understand, navigate and remain relevant in today’s digital age.

We expertly create and curate content and connections, to help HR and people leaders save time and anxiety in an age of information overload. We like to delight and surprise, with bite-size content that is both informative and entertaining.

Our mission is to positively promote the value created by people in a digitally disruptive age when increasingly humans will work alongside machines.

We believe investing in continuous learning is critical to the success of organisations. As the pace and scale of change accelerates, leaders need to invest in their own development just as much as in that of their employees.

Our audience

  • Believes humans can positively shape a future where people and machines work alongside each other
  • Recognises that in order to disrupt business, you must first disrupt yourself
  • Believes in the potential of people to positively transform business and society
  • Wants to increase their organisation’s value, reputation and health
  • Has a lifelong-learning mindset
  • Has a positive mindset, are collaborative and want to co-create
  • Is happy to share experiences and expertise