Chris Roebuck, visiting professor of transformational leadership, Cass Business School

Chris Roebuck

PS Contributor

Hon visiting professor of transformational leadership at Cass Business School and HR Most Influential thinker: I focus on what really works in day to day for leaders at all levels to achieve success

Chris Roebuck is a stalwart of the HR Most Influential Thinkers list having appeared no fewer than nine times since 2009. He consistently adds value to the profession year on year via not only helping HR professionals develop insights directly but also by enabling senior line mangers, CEOs and other board members to be more effective, better understand how HR can add value for them and then work in partnership.

Uniquely in the HR world Chris is not only a financially focused economist but has been in leadership roles in the military, business and government. His experience as a leader in major transformations such as the London Underground PPP prior to taking up HR roles enables him to understand what line management really want from HR. After his time as global head of leadership at UBS where HR went hand in hand with significant transformation creating a new global bank, now a Harvard Case Study, Chris truly understands how HR can deliver real value to organisations. His broad experience also encompasses HSBC, KPMG, working with SMEs, the NHS and local government, so he has seen the best and the worst that both leaders and HR deliver.

His appointment as Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School in 2009 recognised his expertise in delivering successful transformation, the “secret sauce” of day to day organisational success. In 2019 he also became and neuroscience accredited leadership coach adding another unique element to his understanding of how people can be inspired to give their best and focus it onto what delivers success. His work in developing thousands of leaders globally was recognised by his admission as a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute in 2013.

Chris helps HR understand how best to “sell” what they do by showing how to maximise the performance of everyone via creating a “we not me” culture which can get 30% more effort from 60% of people, focus that onto what delivers success and add 10% to bottom line.

His approach blends the use of case studies, research data, neuroscience and consumer behaviour with simple day to day practicality that delivers proven results in the real world. Most audiences he speaks to and works with globally are not HR but senior leaders where he sets out a compelling business case and actions to unleash personal potential and for partnering with HR for success – thus getting business leaders to want to proactively work with HR which then makes HRs task significantly easier.

From law firms in London to construction in Scotland, from the Red Cross in Myanmar to the Chinese Space programme in Beijing, from telecom leaders in Muscat and CEOs in Tehran, banks in Malaysia and retail leaders in New York, Rome and UAE, from Chartered Investment & Securities Institute in London and HRDs in Chennai and Dubai, Chris bridges the gap between HR and the rest of the organisation to help both perform better and to work together in true partnership to deliver greater success.

To date he has developed over 21,000 leaders across over 186 organisations in 28 countries. His work has been quoted by over 50 other authors in their books or research papers. He has been interviewed over 350 times on business and leadership events by numerous global TV channels. He has written 5 books including Lead to Succeed, a guidebook for day to day success for leaders and HR. He’s also skied at 60mph by accident.