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In the first of a new series in conjunction with international human capital specialist Leathwaite, ThePeopleSpace looks at how senior HR executives fare in pay in comparison to other executives

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Cross-industry hiring is more popular than ever before, according to research from international human capital specialist Leathwaite. Up to 60% of candidates who are recommended for new roles are from other industry sectors.

It appears that companies and individuals are competing for talent on a broader and more global perspective than ever before. Indeed, Leathwaite’s 2017 global HR Leadership study showed that talent acquisition has returned to be one of top three priorities for HR leaders – up from last place in the 2016 survey.

In this new series ThePeopleSpace will be analysing data from Leathwaite’s new Pay Index global compensation comparison website, which crowdsources senior executive management data anonymously. Launched in April, the site now has data from 5,500 executives, of which just under 10% work in HR.

We will be crunching the statistics as the database grows to bring you real-time insights into pay across genders, sectors, company sizes, geographical location and job titles.

This month we look at the top industries for executive pay and compare HR compensation to that of other executives. According to Chris Rowe, Leathwaite partner and global HR practice lead, there will always be steady demand for numerate and agile business partners.However, where we have seen a spike in demand, and thus pay, is the area where senior candidates sit on the intersection of HR and technology in senior roles that have a major impact on the organisation.

“Specifically, we see high demand for senior HR data and analytics specialists, who can use data to aid workforce planning and inform business decisions. Also, for tech-savvy learning professionals, who can harness the best digital solutions to develop personalised, mobile-enabled learning for the organisation, as firms continue to move away from costly and cumbersome classroom learning. These are two areas that command a premium at present.”

So how do you fare? Check out our infographic below.


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Published 27 June 2018
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