Nigel Pritchard

Nigel Pritchard creative director ThePeopleSpace
PS Editorial

I love continuous learning and being inspired by great people leaders

Nigel Pritchard is a marketing and communications specialist who has worked with both large organisations and entrepreneurs.

Leaving marketing agency work some 23 years ago to ‘go it alone’, he has faced all the trials and tribulations of being a small business owner. An early adopter of digital marketing, he has worked with both entrepreneurs and large organisations to help shape and deliver communication strategies.

Pritchard's claim to fame is that he worked under now TV personality Nick Hewer promoting Alan Sugar's Amstrad – and was not fired! He has also organised events including one at 10 Downing Street for The Transplant Trust and has worked on the communications strategy for a number of organisations in the HR and employee benefits field.

He launched the first online marketing magazine back in 1995 and was involved in setting up one of the first jobs-by-email services.

Not one to sit still, he has taught himself new technologies to stay abreast of trends and it’s not uncommon for him to be grilling his three children to see what social tools media they are now using! He joined up with Siân Harrington to launch ThePeopleSpace in May 2017 and is in charge of creative solutions and working with Brand Partners.