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Professor MS Rao
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My vision is to build one million students as global leaders by 2030

Professor M.S. Rao, PhD is the father of 'Soft Leadership' and founder of MSR Leadership Consultants, India. He is an International leadership guru with 39 years of experience and the author of 48 books including the award-winning See the Light in You .

He is a C-Suite advisor and a sought-after keynote speaker globally. He brings a strategic eye and long-range vision given his multifaceted professional experience including military, teaching, training, research, consultancy, and philosophy. He is passionate about serving and making a difference in the lives of others. He trains a new generation of leaders through leadership education and publications. His vision is to build one million students as global leaders by 2030.  He has the vision to share knowledge freely with one billion people globally.

He advocates gender equality globally (#HeForShe). He was ranked #1 Thought Leader and Influencer on Culture Globally by Thinkers360. He invests his time in authoring books and blogging on executive education, learning, and leadership. Most of his work is available free of charge on his four blogs including

He is a prolific author and a dynamic, energetic and inspirational leadership speaker. He can be reached