Improving your business through employment advice

Having a great working relationship with an employment lawyer you trust is a fabulous asset for an HR professional.

When a lawyer knows how you tick, they can help you stay on track with legal changes that suit your sector, cut to the chase with what you need to know, and use their experience of what has worked elsewhere to get you through the most challenging situations, swiftly and effectively.

That’s why at Shoosmiths, we see ‘the law’ as a means to an end – the real skill our lawyers bring is in listening to you and understanding what curve-balls your organisation is most likely to throw your way. Our approach is to listen and see things from your perspective and then give you the advice and practical support you need to help you do more with your human capital, so you look good and your organisation thrives. So for us its not just about dealing with the law. We solve business problems and improve performance through our work (which just happens to be in the law).

You know, however, that working with humans is always unpredictable and when the going gets tough – perhaps there’s a restructuring of your UK ops, or you have a controversial and high profile data breach case on your hands – you can access all the expertise you would expect from a national law firm. We’ll have the right experience to draw on to help you navigate the right path for your situation, including access to specialisms as wide ranging as fraud, immigration, health & safety and cyber-crime.  

But it’s through listening to you and knowing what you’ve got on your plate that we can come up with the ‘little things’ that take stuff off your desk – like a proactive targeted training session in an area of your workforce where there seems to be a high incidence of a particular set of issues, or access to broad legal knowhow where and when you need it.

With 12 locations from Edinburgh to Southampton, we are there when you need us and can offer a nationwide service to clients operating across the UK.

And we’re sticky.  That’s why many of our clients take us with them from company to company as their careers flourish, and they progress. Do they know something you don’t?

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