How HR can address today's three biggest leadership risks

Leadership risk has always been a huge topic for organisations but it has accelerated hugely during the pandemic. Peter Howarth, joint managing director of Armstrong Craven, discusses how HR can mitigate the risks

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With talk about a Great Resignation, huge competition for in-demand skills and gaping recruitment holes due to COVID-19 and immigration policies, talent and succession planning is a hot topic once again. As Peter Howarth, joint managing director of executive search firm Armstrong Craven, says: “There's always been a focus on leadership and succession, but I think it's much more acute now and it's much higher on the agenda now than it probably has been for many years.”

He argues that some organisations deal with succession on a reactive basis while others do it well but concentrate efforts on internal talent. The missing link, he says, is external talent. In this short video Howarth discusses why external talent is important to leadership succession and suggest the three biggest leadership priorities to mitigate risk.

Watch the second video in the series to find out why HR needs to engage leadership talent ahead of need and how it can do so. 

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Published 13 September 2021
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