Ines Wichert

Dr Ines Wichert
PS Contributor

I am interested in leadership development and diversity & inclusion and passionate about evidence-based HR solutions and HR tech

Ines Wichert is the managing director of TalUpp, the leadership development consultancy with the mission to make effective leadership development available to more emerging leaders through high-impact technology solutions. TalUpp’s leadership development app helps organisations develop leaders for the VUCA world.

Previously, Ines ran the Diversity & Inclusion Centre of Excellence for IBM’s Smarter Workforce in Europe where she worked with global clients on talent and leadership development solutions for diverse talent. Prior to this, she led the Women in Leadership Research hub for IBM’s Smarter Workforce Institute where she ran global research studies into women’s career progression.

During her time at IBM, Ines also became interested in HR analytics, technology and the future of work.

Ines started her career in HR consulting and has advised and worked with close to 100 organisations on talent and leadership development issues across sectors, industries and countries.

Ines has an interest in leadership development and combines thought leadership and a passion for evidence-based HR solutions. Her first book “Where Have All the Senior Women Gone? Nine Critical Job Assignments for Women Leaders” was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2011. Ines’ new book “Accelerated Leadership Development: How to Turn your Top Talent into Leaders” was published by Kogan Page in 2018 and has been shortlisted for the Business Book Award.

Ines has appeared on BBC News and has written and been interviewed for, among others, the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal Europe, The Guardian and The Sunday Times. Ines regularly write for HR publications in the UK and abroad.

Ines is an HCPC-registered occupational psychologist and an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society.  She has a PhD in organisational psychology from the University of Cambridge.