Christopher Jahns

Christopher Jahns

PS Contributor

I believe successful digital transformation fosters companies to breed completely new forms of education, collaboration and innovation inside their established structures

Christopher Jahns is managing partner of the XU Group and founder of the XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences. Jahns began his professional career in corporate development. Later, he founded a consulting firm specialising in supply chain management, which he merged with a leading purchasing consultancy in 2008.

In 2004, Jahns received a professorship at the EBS European Business School, now the EBS University of Economics and Law. In 2009, he became CEO and President of EBS. In the same year, Christopher was elected to the Young Global Leaders forum of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

He believes that digital transformation can only be successful if completely new forms of education, collaboration and innovation emerge in companies. It is on the basis of this conviction that XU was founded. XU is helping companies build an open, agile and networked version of their organisations in order to remain active in a time of exponential changes as well as to play an active role in shaping the entrepreneurial future.