Content Marketing Services

If you like the content we’ve been creating for our Brand Partners, but would like us to produce something bespoke for you, for use just on your own sites for example, we can help.

We offer first-class consultancy based on our co-founders’ decades of experience in journalism, publishing, marketing and PR and will develop a strategy for you which will have maximum impact with your key target audience. Once you’ve decide on your strategy we can create the relevant content for you. Here are just some of the things we can do for you:

Blogs: Blogs written by award winning HR journalists to engage and educate your audience, improve your SEO and drive more organic traffic to your site.

Videos: In a noisy online world one of the fastest growing ways to attract attention and engage potential customers is through video. We can advise, script and produce explainer, animated, educational and interview videos.

Infographics: We’ve used infographics extensively for our Brand Partners on ThePeopleSpace website to help make complex statistics more accessible through visualisation. We populate these with social share buttons to make sure readers can easily share them online thereby helping our Brand Partners achieve greater online presence.

Case Studies: Our award winning journalists can write customer stories that demonstrate how your business has helped a client or customer. A well written case study can be invaluable for award entries – something else we can help you with.

eBooks: eBooks written by our professional team of HR journalists which provide useful content and insight for your target audience can help establish your company as a trusted advisor to your target audience.

White papers: White papers are an excellent way of helping you build a position on thought leadership and our team of award winning writers has considerable experience in producing them.

Listicle: As with infographics, listicles are used extensively on ThePeopleSpace website. When done well these hybrids of a list and an article are easily consumed, understood and shared online, and provide significant value for a target audience.

Interviews: Our team of HR journalists have written countless articles for newspapers and magazines and won awards for them. Interviews with your industry experts, or even your own customers, can provide valuable information for your potential clients and are a great way to position your company as an expert in the industry.

Social Media Posts: We can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help our clients reach their target audience and build relationships with customers.



“We have enjoyed working with ThePeopleSpace because of its expert knowledge of its audience; it knows how to deliver our thinking in a way that is readily consumable and can influence its audience’s thinking and practice to make a difference”

- Jacqui Thomasen, Head of external engagement, The Open University Business School


“Working with ThePeopleSpace has enabled us to position SD Worx’s thought leadership with a highly engaged, international senior audience, to share our perspective and tie our brand in with leading practitioners around the world from a range of industries and sectors”

- Doug Sawers Managing Director  SD Worx UK & Ireland


For further information about our content marketing services please contact please contact Nigel Pritchard, creative director.