The Global Growth Institute

The Global Growth Institute

GGI exists to evolve organisational culture, develop World Class Managers and enable leaders to make a material impact on employee engagement

The Global Growth Institute:

Improves employee engagement: We’ve deep experience in helping countless organisations into and up various ‘best employer’ lists, we focus on how the business articulates its ambitions, how the leadership team are connected to the operation and how the businesses knowledge is properly used.

Practically: We build 12-24 month employee engagement plans for companies, focussed on driving productivity.

Develops World Class Managers: We know that line management capability is king when it comes to driving team and organisational performance, from aligning the business around key messages to driving individual performance. We’ve developed a blended method of delivering this for time poor managers. it’s a unique approach called World Class Manager which we can blend with face to face manager interaction.

Practically: We can develop some or all of an organisations managers around our 12 modular World Class Manager CPD standard

Enhances leaders' impact: The way that 'leaders lead' is key to driving any engagement improvement or performance shift in management. Part of what we do is to work with key leaders who have a big impact on points one and two above. We’ve worked with countless leaders from private equity to oil and gas executives around the world – all focussed on how their leadership role is key to driving better team based performance.

Practically:We help leaders to make a step change in their personal performance and personal impact