Award-winning HR director and author Karen Beaven outlines practical steps to bring commercial thinking into HR using her own personal journey in this bite-size video masterclass from The People Space designed to get you up to speed quickly

Award-winning HR director Karen Beaven is passionate about people experience and entrepreneurship. After a high flying career, predominantly in retail, she decided to 'go it alone' and launch a number of businesses including coaching and an HR entrepreneurs network. In these two videos she shares how she brought commercial thinking into HR in her previous role as HR director at fashion retail firm River Island as well as sharing her tops tips for developing an entrepreneurial mindset.


1. Sparking the commercial fire in yourself and your team  07:22

2. Making an impact: using agile thinking in HR  07:31

PLUS bonus video Top Resources for HR Entrepreneurs

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Karen Beaven is an award-winning HR director, former HRD of the Year, mentor and founder of the HR Entrepreneurs Network. She coaches HR professionals, executives and private clients to reach the pinnacle of their careers. She is author of 'Strategic Human Resource Management: An HR Professional's Toolkit', released in February 2019.

Backed by a host of awards, she has appeared in the HR Most influential rankings on more than one occasion and been listed as an HR Superstar with HRO today. She's worked with some prodigious brands over the years, from HMV to Sainsbury’s and River Island to AllSaints. She is passionate about the people experience (PX), believing HR and PX should play a bigger and better role in organisations.

Karen believes entrepreneurial thinking is a key trait for professionals operating in this field and is on a mission to support HR people who are ready to ditch the 'humans are resources to be managed mindset' and earn their entrepreneurial wings. For those looking to move away from the traditional HR models, she helps them transition to a more progressive and commercial PX model.


This series is part of The People Space’s "How to Become a More Commercial HR Leader: Re-tooling HR for Success Now" programme, featuring in addition:

• Dave Millner, leading future-of-work expert and former executive consulting partner at IBM Workforce Science, on the ‘HR Guide to the Future of Work’
• Chris Roebuck, Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School in London on 'How to Commercialise Your HR Function Today
• Houses of Parliament Restoration and Renewal Programme lead HR Lead Wendy Cartwright on 'Commercial HR in the Public Sector'

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