HR GUIDE TO THE FUTURE OF WORK: video masterclass

Distilling his decades of experience in HR, future of work expert Dave Millner shares practical models and analysis to provide a roadmap to the future of work in this bite-size video masterclass from The People Space designed to get you up to speed quickly

Top HR influencer Dave Millner is passionate about the vital role that HR can provide to organisations and has been supporting HR functions to become more commercially focused so that they can provide a transformational workforce experience to their employees.

Drawing on his 30 years in HR and finance, including most recently as executive consulting partner at IBM Workforce Science, in these videos Dave examines the disruptions impacting the world of work, the trends and challenges that those who work in HR need to consider for their organisations to flourish, and where an organisation should invest its money in HR to ensure it delivers value today and tomorrow.

Distilling years of reading major reports on the world of work, Dave shares models and analysis to provide a roadmap to the future of work.

Filmed in front of a live audience of HR directors and chief executives, this module is designed to provide HR leaders, business partners and other HR professionals with a quick, accessible guide to the changes affecting the workplace.


1. Introduction: The World of Work Will Never Be This Slow Again  07:42

2. Re-imagining the Workforce  03:01

3. The New Employee Experience  03:32

4. HR as a Profit Centre  06:39

5. Technology, Data and Workforce Analytics  05:56

6. Priorities for the HR Practitioner of Tomorrow  07:25

For information on each of the chapters view our video page

PLUS, bonus video from Jeremy Campbell, chief commercial officer and former HR director of international Payroll & HR experts SD Worx, on Customer, Culture and Communication: the route to commercialising HR.

About Dave Millner

Dave Millner has a business (risk/lending) and HR background based in financial services where he was a key internal consultant involved with the research, design and delivery of a range of performance/competency-based consultancy solutions for a range of businesses and brands in the NatWest/RBS Group.

In PSL, Kenexa and IBM, Dave has worked directly with a variety of different global and multinational based organisations offering a range of senior learning and development programmes, executive coaching, employee engagement, culture interventions and organisational development-based solutions across a number of different sectors focusing on future-proofing their businesses.

He is a regular presenter at conferences promoting the future of HR, the role of technology and the need for analytics to demonstrate tangible business value in the ever-changing digital world of work. He is regarded as a social media guru through @HRCurator, being referenced as being one of the Most Influential People on Twitter in a number of subject areas.

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