Four leaders on how to bring diversity, equity and inclusion mission statements to life

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It’s easy to create a mission statement based around diversity and inclusion. It’s quite another matter to turn the words into meaningful action. The People Space asked four leaders how they do just this
Sian Harrington

4 leaders on bringing diversity equity and inclusion to life

Tiffany Pham MogulTiffany Pham, CEO and founder at diversity recruitment and HR tech company Mogul Inc. Pham is an author, judge on TLC TV show Girl Starter and winner of countless awards including ELLE magazine’s 30 Women under 30 who are changing the world and Tribeca Film Festival’s Innovation award fellow 

“It's very important to focus on inclusion and diversity in the mission statement. However, diversity and inclusion are a state of being, not a policy or a mission statement. It's vitally important to develop a culture that embraces diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at all levels of the organization, in all that you do. This means having a diverse board of directors, having a diverse executive team, and having a diverse pipeline of talent for all open roles. Here at Mogul, we support companies in turning their mission statements into reality. Any step towards creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace is a step in the right direction.”

LaQuenta Jacobs XPOLaQuenta Jacobs is chief diversity officer at XPO Logistics. She provides leadership and advocacy for DEI in the cultural development of XPO’s workplace and initially joined the company as head of HR for the last mile logistics business unit

“At XPO, we believe in welcoming everyone—regardless of gender or gender identity, race or ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status or disability. In this way we create respectful workplaces with a diversity of talents and perspectives. 

With over 25 years in the HR industry I've had the chance to work with many influential leaders and help contribute to the progressive changes in the workplace. XPO’s commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion really speaks to me. Companies that value diversity and inclusion in the workplace foster a culture that empowers employees, creates a sense of belonging and nurtures innovation. 

In joining XPO as chief diversity officer the leadership has trusted me to lead the company’s efforts to expand the talent pipeline to include more women and underrepresented groups. The Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Steering Committee I lead is just one of the many initiatives XPO is spearheading in the trucking industry. The committee aims to promote diversity and inclusion across the organization. Our members work tirelessly to understand the uniqueness of each employee, making sure that people can be their best selves and know they belong. With the work in place our diverse workforce increased by nearly 8%, exceeding the goal we set for 2021.”

Estelle Shepherd Board of InnovationEstelle Shepherd is chief people officer at global innovation firm Board of Innovation. With years of experience as managing consultant and CPO in various global firms she says she is laser-focused on making sure Board of Innovation works with the smartest and most forward-thinking innovation talent, regardless of where they are in the world

“We’re many voices with a single vision: to make what life needs next. We believe that diversity of thought and background helps us imagine better products, services and businesses, and create them today.

With a remote-first philosophy and a trust-over-control policy we empower our teams to work closely with our partners, to make what life needs next.

We are a multi-disciplinary team working together globally. Many of our people are global nomads with squiggly careers. We believe in the richness this adds to our work. Being remote first we leverage everything technology can offer. We are methodology-agnostic, and share best-practices, tools and learnings constantly.

We encourage people to work from wherever they are most comfortable – whether that’s in one of our global hubs or digital nomad-ing it in South America. We share an approach to our work and collaborate constantly. We relish in IRL moments – for example during regional office weeks and our yearly summer office, bringing together everyone for a week of collaboration and building connections.

We believe people own their personal growth and career paths. We don’t do step-by-step training programs or rigid career paths. We create an environment where people are challenged and can grow at whatever speed they’re comfortable with.”

Dean Sandler TribepadDean Sadler is CEO and co-Founder of Sheffield tech company Tribepad, which advocates for fairness and equality in recruitment. His mission is to help the people around him grow, whether that’s employees, clients, friends, family or people in the community

“Our mission statement is: to challenge ourselves and the industry to find better ways to do recruitment right, because we know finding the right job can be truly life changing. Our philosophy is: people first, product second, profit third.

It is hugely important to everything we do – in terms of whom we work for, how we work and the culture at work. When I first founded the company I knew I wanted to build a tech company that put people above profit – and to create a genuinely amazing product that solved forehead-crinkling real-world problems. What could be more real-world than a job? Our careers and workplaces are critical to our lifestyle and identity.

So as well as helping others get the right job with a growth mindset we make sure that jobs at Tribepad are life changing too. We don’t just shout about inclusivity but have a workplace where everyone is valued and supported to progress their career in a way that works for them. Our people want to do recruitment right, because they know what a good job in a good company looks like – and live it out every day.”

Published 29 June 2022
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