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Five things that effective leaders systematically do

With board and senior HR roles at Essar, Coca-Cola, GE and Al-Futtaim under his belt Adil Malia knows a thing or two about effective leadership. Now CEO and managing director at management consultant The FiRM, in this video he outlines five behaviours he has witnessed in successful leaders

Effective leaders do these five things:

  1. Effective leaders have a strong belief in the power of positive script
    The script that they speak and read from, the script behind the strategy they make, this script is a positive one. No one wins wars with destructive scripts; you can never succeed in life with negative scripts
  2. They are never SNIOP
    Effective leaders are open to discussion but they have an independent mind. They listen to their people, coaches, those with new ideas and experienced colleagues but they are never SNIOP – susceptible to the negative influences of other people
  3. They believe in the convincing power of narrative
    Effective leaders have a genuine belief in the power of persuasion and in their narrative
  4. They inspire action
    Yes, analysis and strategising is important, but ultimately an effective leader has to ensure he or she converts this into action that delivers results
  5. They drive confidence into the team
    Effective leaders give people confidence. And they drive that confidence into people whether they are succeeding or facing adversity. This ability to give confidence has much impact.
Published 20 March 2019

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