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Are you an HR leader? Prepare for work changes by Getting Future Fit, Faster with the People Space Leaders Academy

For busy leaders, entrepreneurs and challengers in HR who want to reinvent themselves, their teams and their organisations to be fit for the future NOW in a positive, forward-facing community

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How much of your HR spend contributes to your organisation's bottom line? Now you can find out with the HR Action Forum, just one of the member benefits of our new People Space Leaders Academy.

"The content is sharp and well-presented. The user interface is great. Great job" - Nalin Miglani, EVP and CHRO, EXL, New York

  • Connect with Members
    Find experts, send private messages, build your global network
  • Share on Vetted Site
    Help others by posting and sharing useful content
  • Curated Collections
    Learn from our quarterly Curated Collections, saving you time
  • Resource Library
    Easy-to-understand and quick to grasp information at your fingertips
  • Downloadable Guides and Case Studies
    Bookmark and download for later
  • Downloadable Masterclasses
    Access Masterclasses from experts
  • Monthly Resource direct to your Inbox
    Don't miss exclusive new resources
  • Exclusive Event Invitations
    Meet members at live or online events
  • Free iOS and Android App
    Connect, post and share on the move
  • Membership of the HR Action Forum
    Consultant-level tools and frameworks to discover where your HR spend should be prioritised for real value add to the business
  • Free workshops and personal development plan
    Brought to you by our trusted expert partners

Join people leaders, thinkers and challengers from organisations across the world including EXL, Dorchester Collection, Total Produce, PepsiCo, Metsa Wood, Coca Cola European Partners, Whitworths, Ennismore, Gatwick Airport and many more to learn, share, connect and push people and HR leadership forward.

Check it out on the Academy Tab on The People Space website.

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