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IVF: the hidden employee crisis

As more women delay pregnancy IVF, in vitro fertilisation, is on the rise but it’s an issue still surrounded by much secrecy. Yet it can have a heavy toll on your employee’s mental, physical and financial wellbeing. A new service from The People Space Leadership Board member Karen Beaven hopes to change this


Nearly 68,000 in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment cycles are carried out each year in the UK alone. One in six couples in this country is affected. That's 3.5 million people. But the truth is that these statistics only tell part of the story. Whole families are impacted by infertility and it seems today that everyone knows someone who has had, or who is having, treatment.

The challenge is that many employers don't have an awareness of the scale of the issue or potentially how many of their employees are going through IVF. It is also hard for employers to understand the personal impact the treatment has on an individual unless they have people within their organisation who have shared this information with them. These two factors, the lack of awareness of the scale of the issue and the impact of the issue, mean it is hard for employers to support employees going through IVF in a professional and effective way.

For this reason, award-winning HR director and coach Karen Beaven has set up a retainer service to help employers understand the facts and the personal impact of IVF. The Fertility Friendly Employer service includes information on the side effects of medication, the fact that treatment can span many years, the psychological impact associated with the process and the outcome of treatment. Plus, there’s information on the financial impact on employees and the stress that can arise from this.

The package provides a framework for how employers can support their employees and the tools to implement it. This includes information on exactly what to say and also what not to say to someone who is going through IVF. Through working with Karen employers will be able to help their employees stay happy, healthy and stress-free during IVF treatment. It's direct access to expert insight and advice from someone who really gets it.

Karen is currently seeking a couple of case study organisations for this service. In return for a testimonial she is offering a large discount on the six-month package which includes:

• The creation of an IVF support policy

• A 60-minute briefing session for relevant members of your team

• Flyers for your HR team to pass onto any employee who informs you they are considering or going through IVF

• Five coaching calls for use by employees who are considering or having treatment

For employers signing up before the end of March this package is available for £975. To find out more or to take up this great offer, please contact Karen directly.

Published 6 March 2019

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