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Do you know your AI from your agile? Do bots terrify rather than tantalise you? Is data more daunting than dazzling? Don't stress – our new People Space Leaders Academy is there to help you get on top of the changes in work quickly and easily

People Space Leaders Academy ©The People Space

Life for today's HR leader is cluttered. Many of us are drowning in a flood of information and trends vying for our attention. We’re always on.

And now there’s the ‘future of work’ – a catch-all for the new technologies, new business and HR models, digital transformation and changing work patterns that are happening in our world right now.

We know we need to keep on top of it. But, how can we cut out the noise and find time for the learning, networking, relationships, experiences and goals that matter most?

It’s overwhelming and a common worry for HR leaders. To help you keep on top of these changes the People Space is launching its Leaders Academy: filtering out this noise so you get where you’re going faster – in HR, in your organisation, in your network, in life.

“The Academy is not about long training courses or content about new technologies that only confuses HR. It’s a place where HR leaders can get easy-to-understand information on the changing workplace quickly and accessibly, identify where HR spend is the most effective and meet other forward-looking people in a positive community,” explains The People Space editorial director Siân Harrington.

“Think of it as your pocket guide and network for the digital world of work, helping to alleviate the time and anxiety of trying to find trusted information and connections when you need them. It’s the antidote to HR overwhelm!”

Inside the Brain of Today's CHRO!

Inside the brain of a CHRO ©The People Space

The Academy is based on four pillars:

  • A regularly updated collection of essential assets to give you a working knowledge about new technologies, models and approaches quickly
  • The best explainers, how to guides, case studies and long read/book recommendations: updated through input from members so only the most useful, information is available
  • A positive, forward-thinking community: connect and message members in real time in a safe environment on app, mobile or desktop, or meet face-to-face
  • Move HR and people management forward and increase your influence through our HR Action Forum, personal branding and development, and through co-creation

This is for you if you are a busy HR leader and challenger who wants to reinvent yourself, your team and your organisations to be Future Fit Now. So why not find out more Now! Just pop over to the Academy tab.

Published 29 May 2019
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