Four reasons why the best HR manager on your team may not be human

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Do you want to walk up to and talk to a HR person or do you want to sort yourself out online? You know the answer. So, why is technology so attractive? And, why may it be the best HR manager you have in your team?

Nalin Miglani

Will technology replace human HR

Value of Amazon stock in last three years: more than doubled. Value of Macy’s stock in last three years: halved. 

Choice multiplied by convenience equals empowerment. Amazon offers that. Macy’s less so. What was once an impenetrable strength — human attention and a physical experience — is suddenly a chink in the armour. If consumers prefer online to stores and shop attendants, why would employees be any different? 

With options of HR technology now on cloud and as-a-service, think of technology investment dollars as the cost of a few HR managers. Try the man/woman + machine combination to create your HR team

Technology is transparent

A group of people, dedicated to a common goal, performs better when everyone in the group has the same information. Technology enables that. Quality of deployment rather than mere possession of information becomes the key success factor

Technology is collaborative

Of course, we already know this. Yet, the power of collaboration through technology is seriously under-utilised — even now. A business that has acquired the capability to collaborate through technology is already ahead — based on just this factor

Technology is entertaining

Communication, collaboration, analytics, problem-solving, process management and learning – on a great technology platform, all of this can be very engaging. Almost addictive. There are immense possibilities of instant endorsement, reinforcement and the joy of a real dialogue

Technology is insightful

With the right aggregation of data and a little training, the doors of HR analytics can open wide. Way more meaningful analytics than the same old stuff on the ‘employee life cycle’. Analytics that goes to the root of value generation by individuals, groups or entire organisation units in one combination or another

Nalin Miglani is chief human resource officer and EVP of EXL and a member of The People Space Leadership Board
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