Adopting a hybrid model: five pillars for flexible working

Market research company Euromonitor International has set-up a hybrid working model based around five pillars. Emma Blaney, global HR and CSR director, tells The People Space’s editorial director Siân Harrington the thinking behind each pillar and shares her three tips for implementing hybrid
Sian Harrington

14-minute watch

What do you do when you have been ahead of the game in terms of offering employees work-life balance and flexible working only to find the global COVID-19 pandemic forcing your competitors to catch up? Why, you must reinvent your model again to keep ahead of that curve and ensure you are the employer of choice in your sector.

In this video Blaney shares her tips for setting up a hybrid working policy, why meeting-free Fridays is her personal favourite of the five pillars that underpin the policy – and reveals which pillar has become the most popular with employees.

About Emma Blaney 

Emma Blaney is the global HR and CSR director at Euromonitor International, a leading independent provider of strategic market research. Emma is responsible for the people agenda for 1,500 employees based in 15 Countries across the globe.

Blaney and her team focus on attracting, developing and retaining key talent in an increasingly competitive market. As a member of the global leadership team Blaney and her colleagues create and imbed initiatives to improve employee engagement.

Over the last 16 months a key focus has been supporting employees through the pandemic alongside identifying initiatives to ensure that Euromonitor continues to adopt market leading flexible working practices.


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Published 20 October 2021
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