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How HR can get ahead: The Future of Leadership Part 3

The future of work is here now and HR will have to work with leaders more closely than ever before, says HR Curator Dave Millner in the final part in our series on The Future of Leadership

Digital technology is about new behaviours, cultures, business practices and processes that drive the increased enablement of the workforce. It's time to stop chipping away at cost and focus on analytics, insights and data to understand what is making most impact in terms of increased productivity, profitability and growth. Workforce analytics is a critical mindset change that HR has to make to demonstrate the value it brings.

We need to get smarter about organisation design and shaping jobs, workforce and succession planning, ditching the old competency frameworks, focusing on evidence-based HR, developing a learning culture and listening to employee voice.

Watch this video to discover more about what HR can do to get ahead of the challenges in the digital business world. And if you want to find out more, Dave Millner will be giving a keynote speech at ThePeopleSpace's 'How to Become a More Commercial HR Leader: re-tooling HR for success in today's digital world' masterclass on 18 October in London. For more information and to book your place, visit our store

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Published 19 September 2018. Dave Millner is founder & consulting partner at HR Curator

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