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Analogue versus digital: The Future of Leadership Part 2

The leader of tomorrow will be less 'high touch', will need to lead more virtual teams and will be leading in an environment of ever greater uncertainty. This makes it more challenging to build trust with your workforce, says HR Curator Dave Millner in the second of our three part series on The Future of Leadership

The organisations that respond quickly to change are those that win. But are leaders stuck in an analogue world?

This is the question HR Curator Dave Millner seeks to answer in this second video our The Future of Leadership series. While the tried and trusted framework of creating strategy, engaging talent, inspiring people and achieving excellence still underpins leadership, Millner argues that digital leaders need to update their interpretation of these four elements.

Strategy becomes all about clarity while engaging talent requires leaders to turn into 'translators', ensuring the right messages are shared at the right time and way so people feel part of something. Leaders will need to help employees navigate around the organisation and those that emphasise development will become 'magnets' to employees.

Watch the video to discover more about the behaviours of a successful digital leader. And if you want to hear how HR fits into this, Dave Millner will be giving a keynote speech at ThePeopleSpace's 'How to Become a More Commercial HR Leader' masterclass on 18 October in London. For more information and to book your place, visit our store

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5 September 2018

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