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Stephen Wyatt, professor of strategy and leadership at University of Bath and industrial associate at the University of Cambridge, has spent more than two decades working with companies operating in VUCA environments. With the Fourth Industrial Revolution accelerating change he talks to The People Space’s editorial director Siân Harrington about how to win in the new accelerated world of business

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Imagine a 45% share price performance differential against your own sector peers. Now that is something any leader would want, especially in today’s age where corporate value is created and lost at breathtaking speed.  

Well, says professor Stephen Wyatt, his research shows that this can be achieved. It’s all about dynamic capacity: an organisation’s ability to be adaptive and pursue a consistent winning and motivating strategy key to Fourth Industrial era success. Or as Wyatt himself puts it: “The measure of the ability of an organisation to adapt to the future as it unfolds, but also to influence the unfolding of that future.”

In this video Wyatt explains what the Fourth Industrial age is, why leadership, not technology, is key to success at this time and how dynamic capacity is a tool to predict future performance.

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About Stephen Wyatt

Stephen Wyatt is professor of strategy and leadership at the University of Bath. For over 25 years he has worked as a business consultant focusing on developing leader and enabling organisations to thrive in highly dynamic environments. He is also affiliate faculty and Singapore Management University and industrial associate at the University of Cambridge. Wyatt serves on the boards of the Global Innovation Management Institute and the Management Consulting Institute. He is author of Management and Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Published 3 November 2021
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