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Reimagining the organisation: last chance to register for our free live webinar with Nalin Miglani, CHRO and EVP at EXL

Technology is killing the value chain. Existing HR structures have stopped creating value. What does a reimagined HR organisation look like?

Reimagining the organisation

Just where is value created in today’s organisation when technology is killing value chains and employees are outlasting their companies. 

How do you organise? How do you create value?

With technology fundamentally changing the nature of business and the average lifespan of a Standard & Poors’ US company expected to decrease from 50 years in the 1950s to 15 years within the next decade*, what does this mean for work? What will organisation design look like and where will HR create value in the new, networked corporation?

Organisation structure and hierarchy, talent and recruitment, reward and learning and development: all are up for grabs in this new world of work where companies will look very different every five years.

In this live webinar, Nalin Miglani, CHRO and EVP at New York-based analytics and technology provider EXL, will deconstruct value creation in the new corporation and suggest models for a reimagined organisation. 

Date: Monday 25 September 2017

Time: 14.30 GMT/09.30 EST/19.00 IST

Register here to join the webinar live and hear from People Space Leadership Board member Nalin Miglani. Hosted by The People Space founder Siân Harrington.

*According to innovation and strategy consultancy Innosight 2017

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