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At a time when artificial intelligence, inequality, worsening climate impacts and lack of trust are challenging society it is through becoming expert humans – developing human skills like altruism, compassion and empathy – that leaders can rise to these challenges, argues Michael Jenkins, CEO at Expert Humans and Partner FutureWork Forum. He discusses why we now need to become expert humans and the steps we can take to get there

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With the division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms shifting fast the need for ‘human’ skills has never been greater. 

At the same time, the experience of the pandemic has led to many employees questioning the meaning of work. And then there are macro level issues, such as climate change and inequality, which have made their way onto the corporate agenda and led to a resurgence in the concept of purpose both from an individual and organisational perspective.

To address the great disruptors of today we need more human workplaces, says Michael Jenkins, CEO of Expert Humans and partner at FutureWork Forum. And critical to this, especially for leadership, is the development of altruism, compassion and empathy (ACE). 

“If we are able to leverage more empathetic behaviour, more compassionate leadership, one of the net benefits is that we will be able to create a more human and humane workplace for people to then grow and develop and thrive in,” he says. “And that leads to talent retention, innovation and improved wellbeing.”

In this video Jenkins looks at the five disruptors that expert humans need to tackle today, discusses a simple model for developing altruism, compassion and empathy in your organisation and offers his top three tips for starting your ACE journey. 

About Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins is CEO of Expert Humans and partner of FutureWork Forum.  He is the former CEO of Roffey Park Institute and has been director of INSEAD Executive Education in Singapore, director of the Foreign Languages Centre University of Bath and an analyst at Toyota Motor Corporation. He graduated from Durham University in Chinese followed by postgraduate studies in Japanese language, politics and economics at Nanzan University in Nagoya. Michael is the author of Expert Humans: Critical Leadership Skills for a Disrupted World (Emerald Publishing).  

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Published 20 April 2022
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