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Brian Kropp, chief of research for Gartner’s HR practice, is regularly recognised as an influencer and thought leader in HR. In this interview with The People Space’s editorial director Siân Harrington he talks about the megatrends affecting organisations today  and offers three tips on how HR can prepare for the future

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Think you are well prepared for the future with your HR data insight and analytics know how? Well think again because the next generation of problems organisations and HR leaders will face are those where data does not answer the question, says Brian Kropp, chief of research at Gartner’s HR practice. Instead, they will be problems centred around morals, ethics and fairness. What political activities should you engage in or not? Should you expand into a country that has a series of human rights violations? Should you pay your remote employees who live in a lower cost-of-living location less than those in a higher cost-of-living area?

While data and analytics has underpinned HR’s seat at the table in the past decade, the HR leaders that will succeed in the future are those that have that data skillset but can apply analytic rigour to areas where there is a not a clear data-based answer, Kropp believes. And this will upend leadership and management.

“The future of work is going to be hard. It's going to be challenging. We're moving in a world where there's complete and utter lack of predictability. That's just the reality of what's the future looks like, and we can't change that reality. But what we can do is prepare for that reality,” says Kropp.

In this video Kropp outlines the five megatrends that are affecting organisations and looks at how HR can respond. He ends with three ways HR can prepare for this new reality.

About Brian Kropp

Brian Kropp is chief of research for the Gartner HR practice, which delivers insights and solutions that address new and emerging executive challenges and enable HR leaders to take decisive actions. Brian’s expertise spans all aspects of HR, including talent acquisition and management, employee experience, change management and leadership.


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Published 12 January 2022
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