Talent Trends 2023: Advice for HR and talent acquisition leaders

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For many in HR and talent acquisition this will be the first recession where there is still a deficit of talent. Peter Howarth, Co-CEO of Armstrong Craven, offers his top three tips on how leaders should approach the challenging economic circumstances ahead
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This recession feels different to others, says Peter Howarth, co-CEO of executive search and talent consulting firm Armstrong Craven. There may be early signs of softening in the labour market but many businesses are still struggling to hire, not least in service sectors like retail, hospitality and healthcare.

And when you look at the broader global economy, there may have been layoffs and hiring freezes at the big tech companies but even these firms are still having difficulty finding the right people at other levels. “Tech talent is much more available than it was six months ago but there are a lot of areas within that tech arena where talent is still very short,” says Howarth.

So how can talent professionals manage this balance between restructuring and cutting roles while ensuring they are not missing out on vital talent? In this short video Howarth looks at the current economic situation across the world, examines how the trends are affecting leadership and succession and offers three pieces of advice to HR and talent leaders so they are prepared for when the upturn arises.

About Peter Howarth

Peter Howarth is Co-CEO of Armstrong Craven. He has a background in HR consulting and recruitment and has worked for listed and private equity-backed recruitment companies in leadership roles.

Through more than 20 years in the space he has gained significant experience of successfully managing the performance of commercial teams and reshaping organisations, as well as leading and developing people.

Peter takes a lead on the commercial activities of Armstrong Craven, managing its team of client partners and helping to further develop the client relationships that the company enjoys.

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Published 18 January 2023
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