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Talent and HR professionals can no longer hope to build a perfect workforce from full-time and contracted workers. Today it’s all about pulling together the right team to accomplish tasks – and that team includes robots and artificial intelligence. Helen Coult, director Asia Pacific at Armstrong Craven, discusses the difference between workforce and work-task planning and why you need data to succeed in this new world of work
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The way we work is changing. Advanced technology is now doing parts of many people’s traditional roles. Work is being deconstructed into tasks divided between humans and machines. Talent today is no longer about full or part-time and contracted workers but also automation and technology.

This brings challenges to HR and talent professionals, many of whom still focus on planning a ‘workforce’ – a collection of people doing set roles. How do they manage the balance between this approach and moving to one which focuses on accomplishing work tasks through the best means possible – whether that be human or machine?

In this video, the first in The Talent Tightrope series, Helen Coult discusses the difference between workforce and work-task planning, looks at how businesses can become more agile, bringing together specific people to work on projects, and outlines why data intelligence is vital for all HR and talent professionals today.

She notes, for example, how some organisations now have internal talent marketplaces, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to align employees and their skills to projects, gigs, mentorships and full-time roles. As Coult says: “I think there's a shift away from purely workforce planning. It's always going to be required but we need to be much more agile now to be able to react swiftly, to be nimble and to get ahead of the competition, especially in a digitised world.”

About Helen Coult

Helen Coult is director, Asia Pacific for Armstrong Craven and is based at its Singapore office. She joined the company in 2015 and held the position of global senior client partner across the consumer and industrial sectors before being promoted to her current role, working across all industry sectors, in 2018.

Coult has over 16 years of experience in executive search, recruitment and talent consultancy and prior to joining Armstrong Craven held a senior in-house talent acquisition role within GroupM, the world’s leading media investment company (part of the WPP Group plc).

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Published 29 June 2022
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