Last chance to enter the Business Culture Awards 2018

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Got a great culture? Then enter the Business Culture Awards and get it recognised!

Business Culture Awards 2018

With entries now closing on the 30 July, it's not too late to share your proud story of cultural change.

Your business culture underpins how engaged and productive your colleagues are on a daily basis, and whether they choose to stay with you over your competitors. It’s one of the top drivers for the best talent to join you. It’s the differentiator in how you deliver your service or products to your customers.

The value in aligning the brand you portray externally with the internal day-to-day experience of your employees, is substantial, as repeatedly demonstrated by winning organisations. Broadly sharing positive accounts which show you’ve put purpose at the heart of your business; championed the next generation of your workforce; motivated staff through a great CSR initiative; or implemented an innovative new learning programme – the examples are so varied – all show your commitment to furthering an enviable workplace culture for your people, and can be entered into one of 20 categories at the Business Culture Awards 2018

You can also view the judging panel, comprised of top HR and business leaders here. Making strides in creating a stand-out culture is an inspirational story for your stakeholders, and a means by which you can gain further visibility for the great work you do. 

Entries are open now until 30 July, 2018, so get your Entry Pack here.

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