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1. HR's New Role: Ethical Guardian of AI Data 
Employee data is growing exponentially as new workplace technologies churn it out to help organisations make people more productive or their experiences more positive. As such, algorithmic accountability is now core to the HR leader’s role

2.  Video: HR as Ethical Guardian 

3.  HR and Digital Ethics: The Legal View 
Are you implementing digital techologies? Make sure you know all the legals before jumping in

4.  Video: Bias in AI Algorithms 

5.  Can Algorithms Ever Be Less Biased Than Humans? 
Humans are biased so is it ok for algorithms to also be biased? Are we expecting too much from artificial intelligence in this area? After all, it is programmed by humans. Whether you agree or not, it is ultimately up to HR directors to prove that decision making is non-discriminatory

6.  AI and regulation: the UK perspective 

Published 5 March 2020
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