What kind of potential do you have?

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We all know that maximising potential is an all-present and much sought-after goal. But how important is it and what does it actually mean? The People Space invites you to take part in a free, innovative psychometric, as our partner Derek Draper, founder of CDP Leadership, explains

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Our research at CDP shows that most executives are only working to 68% of their potential. Analysis in a typical FTSE 350 company shows this could lead to a loss of around £100 million of profit. Of course, no-one can work to a potential of 100%, but imagine the benefits of being able to maximise your potential by even 5% or 10%?

At CDP we have used our 12 factor DEEP model of potential (covering Decision-making, Execution, Emotions and Motivation and People Skills) for several years with some of the biggest companies in the world when we assess and develop their leaders. It has proven invaluable when evaluating new hires, promotion plans and supporting executives seeking development.

We are now taking our learnings from those experiences and turning the model into a fresh, innovative psychometric. The DEEPQ.me Potential Profiler will be launched in beta on the 1st of July 2019. It will allow anyone to measure their potential and then, through our accompanying learning content DEEPQ.tv, go on to develop it.

As well as being able to take the Beta version personally, CPD is currently looking for HR partners to work with us using the Beta version while it is free to use. To find out more visit www.deepq.me or contact Siân Harrington at The People Space directly for more information.

Published 26 June 2019
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