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The People Space and Africa's HR Future collaborate to foster exchange of ideas to help people leaders rise to greatness

The People Space is collaborating with Africa's premier human strategy media brand to help build better organisations, societies and countries through growing their greatest asset: their people

People Space Leaders Architects of Greatness collaboration

The People Space is delighted to announce a collaboration with Africa’s premier human strategy media brand HR Future to foster the exchange of ideas across cultures and help build better companies and better societies through advancing global people leadership practice.

The collaboration will enable members of The People Space’s Leaders network and HR Future’s Architects of Greatness networks to grow themselves, their businesses and their respective societies and economies through sharing perspectives and insights in a trusted environment, accessing peer support on their challenges, learning from global academic experts and working together to shape the future of work and sustainable business.

Both The People Space and HR Future believe that a positive and productive work culture is beneficial to the individual, organisation, wider economy and society. They know that people leaders with a passion for people, performance and productivity can play a major role in positively transforming business and society while increasing their own organisation’s value, reputation and health.

Sian Harrington The People Space"Value in business is now created through leveraging networks, co-creation and in building relationships" 
Siân Harrington, co-founder The People Space

“There is a seismic shift in business and society as we move towards what some people are calling the ‘post-work world’, where automation, robots and machine learning are threatening to replace humans in the workplace. Value in business is now created through leveraging networks, co-creation and in building relationships.

“By collaborating, we believe members of the People Space Leaders and Architects of Greatness networks can support and learn from each other, helping to solve common challenges. This will not only increase their personal and professional value but also help to ensure these hugely disruptive times are an opportunity, not a threat to society, and that all people feel empowered and not left behind,” says Siân Harrington, co-founder and editorial director of The People Space.

Alan Hosking HR Future "We want to build on the legacy left by South Africa's former President Mandela, who demonstrated what can be achieved when people choose to rise to greatness and work together"
Alan Hosking, executive editor HR Future

Architects of Greatness founder and HR Future’s executive editor, Alan Hosking, comments: “Our members welcome the opportunity to work with their peers from People Space Leaders to build on the legacy left by South Africa’s former President Mandela, who demonstrated what can be achieved when people choose to rise to greatness and work together to build a better, more equal workplace and society.”

This exciting collaboration will enable members of Architects of Greatness to access the People Space Leaders private membership site where they can share insights with their peers, ask for help and post articles and opinions of interest. They will also be able to access live webinars delivered by a range of global experts and practitioners. People Space Leaders’ members will in turn be able to access round table discussions on topics such as managing the present, reinventing the organisation and managing the future together with insights from a range of digital assets.

People Space Leaders is a membership network focused on value creation through people in today’s fast-paced, digitally disruptive and transformative business environment. It provides quality, lifelong learning in this age of information overload by curating content and learning based on our members’ experiences and needs, and through testing concepts with them. Members include HR directors and chief operating officers from global organisations including Dorchester Collection, the BBC, EXL, the University of Sheffield, NHS, Total Produce and River Island.

HR Future focuses on strategic, business-driven human capital multimedia content for people leaders on the continent of Africa. Architects of Greatness, endorsed by Henley Business School Africa and Top Employers South Africa, is an initiative exclusively for HR directors and executives who wish to aspire to success and significance through peer-to-peer learning and collaboration in the interests of a greater purpose.


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