Limited Festive offer: join the People Space Leaders Academy for just £99/$128

Christmas has arrived early with our festive offer! For only £99 ($128) - 50% off the normal price - you can get a year’s membership of the People Space Leaders Academy for HR leaders, peoplepreneurs and challengers


The People Space Leaders Academy is a community for curious people leaders who want to (un)learn, share, support and advance their capabilities to accelerate their personal, business and societal impact without feeling overwhelmed by the speed of change in the digital world of work.

Members get access to a large and growing library of simple, easy-to-access and downloadable resources on all aspects of being future fit in the digital workplace, including bitesize video training and interviews to watch at their convenience, on desktop, mobile or tablet, together with complimentary tools and other resources. Members can also network, swap ideas and get support from like-minded people leaders in real-time with our online community Android and iOS apps.

The Academy’s main areas comprise a Growth Lab, Tech Room, and Toolkits. The Growth Lab contains bitesize courses delivered by experts, masterclasses with actionable insights by leading specialists across the world, video interviews with thinkers and HR leaders on the most important HR issues of today and tomorrow, and in-depth eBooks to help navigate the digital working world.

In the Tech Room there are:

What Is Guides - Simple downloadable PDFs on artificial intelligence, robots, people analytics and other Fourth Industrial technologies, and short videos explaining new technologies in laymen's terms.

How to Guides - Downloadable documents on how to implement new technologies.

Practice - Examples of how organisations are using new technologies

The Academy’s Toolkits area contains cheat sheets and checklists to action and create behaviour change, Infographics to provide quick reminders, and short downloadable PDFs with tips and techniques.

All the areas within the Academy are subdivided into resources on Future Fit You, Future Fit HR, Future Fit Organisation, and Future Fit Technology.

Members also receive an exclusive monthly resource direct to their email inbox for the duration of their membership. There’s also a premium membership package, which is only available to practising HR or former HR leaders. This offers attendance to three ThinkUps a year, personalised assets from the Academy specifically for their HR teams and businesses, and exclusive personal development opportunities and other special offers. For more information on premium membership contact Academy co-founder Siân Harrington.

This is a limited offer, so don’t miss out on it! Click here for more information and to get the offer and sign up.

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