Become a Brand Partner

ThePeopleSpace ™ believes that content is key to enabling marketers to join the conversations being had by people leaders across the world. When brands create great content that the audience wants, they see increased reach, engagement and potentially conversion. ThePeopleSpace therefore encourages companies to share their unique perspectives on leadership issues through its PS Brand channel.

Our mission is to provide quality learning for people leaders. This extends to our commercial proposition. Therefore, everything we do with Brand Partners is related to content that adds value to our audience and enables learning.

We want to build long-term relationships with partners so we don't take the typical advertising approach of banner ads and lead generation. We want our partners to be part of ThePeopleSpace community.

Our professional journalists and editors work closely with you to develop creative content that will resonate with our audience, ensuring your brand is positioned most relevantly for senior people leaders.

All content will include a link to your website and will be promoted on ThePeopleSpace social platforms. Our premium packages also include content support from our marketers, a variety of content treatments and the potential to retain any assets created.

Plus, you could have your own channel on ThePeopleSpace website, enabling you to reinforce your thought leadership through your own branded area.

If you think you can add value to ThePeopleSpace community as a Brand Partner we would be delighted to hear from you and will guide you through our process to ensure your content is relevant, shareable and has maximum exposure.

To find out more and receive a brochure, please contact Nigel Pritchard, creative director.